The CIT implant – Confidence Inspiring Technology


The CIT implant is the new generation in ARDS Implants’ family.
The concept behind its development is the source of its name – Confidence Inspiring Technology: 
To create an implant that is easy and simple to place while maintaining high primary stability.

To do so we have used some of the strong elements which have been the foundation of the Smart implant development, almost a decade earlier and added more:

  • Using buttress threads with better resistance to vertical forces
  • Sharper threads at the coronal area to avoid from pressure in the cortical bone and crest
  • Wider threads towards the apex to compress the cancellous bone and transfer occlusal forces from the sensitive and low in blood vessels cortical bone to the cancellous bone
  • a diagonal eccentric groove to get more bone towards the implant’s shaft 
  • Adding a cutting thread at the apex to allow self-drilling in areas where needed


The CIT is perfect to situation where the surgeon is required to place the implant in bone types 1-2, in the esthetic zone and after extraction where the self-penetration ability of the implant may come in handy to improve stability.


Comparison tests measuring the implants’ resistance to vertical forces show an improvement of over 30% between conventional conical and parallel implants and the CIT implant.

Implant Specimen Displacement to Load Variation:

Like the Smart implant, the CIT is also packaged together with a leading pin and is designed to work best with ARDS PGD Drilling Technique which enables a simple, accurate, fast and easy workflow. It can also be uses with our standard and conical drills per the surgeoun preference.
Surgical protocols can be found under the ARDS PGD Drilling Technique menu in the Overview section and on the Products>>Implants menu.